Minsk – Hatyn – Glory Mound — Minsk

Hatyn. Each of us in school history textbook necessarily read about the tragedy of this small forest Belarusian village. 22 March 1943. Nazis burned out Hatyn with 149 residents alive during punitive operation of SS. Hatyn became a symbol of the tragedy of Belarusian people in the Great Patriotic War …A logical continuation of the theme is World War II Memorial Mound of Glory — a symbol of unity of the four Fronts of the Red Army in Operation «Bagration» in 1944 for the liberation of the Byelorussian SSR.

Minsk — Mir – Nesvizh

Visit the ancient place of  Mir, Mir Castle (Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance 16-18 centuries ..) castle prison and museum. Mir was once a place famous for its fairs, rich Tartars, Gypsies and Jews.

After a pause for lunch we continue acquaintance with the architectural ensemble in Nesvizh (30 km from Mir), visit the palace and park complex of the richest princes Radziwill, Slutskaya Brama — old city gates. Both  castles are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List!

Minsk — Dudutki – Minsk

Dudutki — is a museum of folk arts and crafts. You will visit the ancient windmill, see the exhibition of old cars, and a pottery workshop. You will be able to forge a horseshoe for good luck. At the bakery you can taste fresh bread, cheese and butter with a cup of  local tea. And after tasting moonshine  with cucumber and honey, it’s time to try the main national dish — potato pancakes.

PRISE/RUB (1 person)

Minsk – Hatyn – Glory Mound — Minsk  —- 40.00

Minsk — Mir – Nesvizh ———————- 90.00

Minsk — Dudutki – Minsk ———–———- 70.00

Minsk  Sightseeing Tour ——————- 35.00

WATER PARK is an island of positive relaxation and vivid impressions. The territory of the water park “Lebyazhy” — the shore of the reservoir «Drozdy». The natural silence here is relaxing and enjoyable, so as nature here is full of beauty. It is this nature that will hide from the city fuss and will grant you the relaxation you deserve.

Bright emotions are familiar to those who at least once visited the seaside. We usually miss it for a long time after leaving it.

The seaside … You can’t see it, but you can feel it…the happyness of being there. You usualy start smiling thinking about it. In those thoughts everything is fine, except for one thing: you are here, and the seaside is there.

The energy of the “Lebyazhy” will charge you with happiness for a long time. We promise you unique emotions and excellent relaxation, because the water park “Lebyazhy” is also the SEASIDE of fun and positive.

Prise (1 persone):

 Monday — Thursday

    • 180 min — 30 BYN
    • 240 min — 33 BYN
    • 480 min — 42 BYN

Friday — Sunday

    • 180 min — 33 BYN
    • 240 min — 39 BYN
    • 480 min — 50 BYN

Minsk city tour

The sightseeing tour shows the millennial   history of the city and its citizens, includes a review of the Upper Town: Holy Spirit Cathedral, the Catholic Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Market Square (now Svobody). Trinity suburb, Independence Avenue, the National Library, Trinity Suburb, Island of Tears …

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